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Things to do while visiting Dharamshala

To make things easier, we have divided this blog into 3 sections i.e., Basic, Intermediate, and Advance.

Basic is for people who are visiting Dharamshala for a day or two and just want to get the gist of what Dharamshala is all about.

Intermediate is for people who want to go to places that are not that crowded since they may be difficult to reach or far away from crowded Dharamshala.

Advance is for people who are interested in hidden gems of Dharamshala’s nature. These places are tough to reach and hence you may have to trek, but one thing is for sure: they will be worth the effort.


  1. Kotwali Bazaar and Macleodganj Market: Markets are the best way to explore the culture of a place. You can try the local food of Himachal Pradesh and get to know the Tibetan food as well.
    You can also take some souvenirs with you to remember your trip.
  2. HPCA Stadium and War Memorial: Situated really close to each other, you can explore two of the most visited places in Dharamshala in one shot.
  3. Dal Lake and Naddi Village: Dal Lake is on the way to Naddi village hence you can make a small stop on your trip to Naddi village to explore it as well. Snowfall is also frequent in Naddi during January and February, hence you can also enjoy snow if you are there during winters.


  1. Indrunag temple and Bangotu village: If you want to enjoy the views of Dharamshala from high on the hill, you can visit Bangotu Village. Away from all the crowdedness of Dharamshala, it can be a perfect getaway for you if you want to enjoy some time away from the traffic and noise pollution. Indrunag Temple is situated on the way to Bangotu village, so you can also stop there.
  2. Khadota View Point: Khadota is another place situated away from the main Dharamshala. You’ll be mesmerized by the clear view of the mountains here. If you’re free, you can also trek 1-2 km toward the Naguni waterfall situated near Khadota.
  3. Guna Mata Trail and Naddi River Point: Guna Mata is situated about 5 km trail from Naddi Village. Naddi river point is around 1.5 Km from Naddi village. If you want to take a dip in cold water from Dhauladhar Range and just relax with your friends, Naddi River Point is the place for you. Whereas if you want to challenge yourself physically, then you can visit Guna Mata temple situated in the mountains away from everything.
  4. Triund Trek: Triund Trek is one of the most popular treks of Himachal Pradesh. There are mainly 2 ways to reach Triund, one is via Macleodganj- Bhagsu Waterfall, and the other is via Dharamkot. Trek via Dharamkot is relatively easier compared to Macleodganj, which is relatively more challenging.


  1. Kareri Lake Trek: Situated at a height of almost 10,000 feet, It is without a doubt the most beautiful destination as well as the trek in Dharamshala or Kangra. The trek starts from Kareri village and the distance is about 8-9 Km. Although the trek is tough, it may take around 4-7 hours to reach the Lake from the village.
  2. Adani Himani Chamunda Trek: Himani Chamunda temple is one the most important local temples of Kangra district. It takes around 5-7 hours to reach the top from Jia which is the place from where the trek starts. Be sure to take plenty of water with you since there is no source of water available in between.
  3. Indrahar Pass Trek: Indrahar Pass Trek is the extension of Triund Trek. It usually takes more than a day to reach the top and return hence be sure to take a guide with you since it can be difficult for someone with less experience.
  4. Maujhi Waterfall Trek: Maujhi Waterfall is the largest waterfall in the entire Kangra district. There is no clear-cut way to the trek hence it may be difficult to reach there without any help. But the end result will definitely be worth the effort.


There are still a lot of places in Dharamshala that are unexplored but in this blog, we’ve tried our best to list all those places which we’ve come across to be worthy of your time. We’ll keep updating the blog as we find better places and if you’ve any place you’d like us to list, let us know in the comment section.

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